Case Keenum Highlights and Lowlights 2013


Case Keenum, Houston Texans

Despite the 2013 struggles Case Keenum Remains In Position To Possibly Being A Factor in 2014

After the end of the 2013 season most would have assumed that Case Keenum’s odds of remaining on the team were slim to none.

When there is a coaching change, the new coach usually wants his guys competing for the quarterback spots.

Case Keenum was kept through all the off-season activities, and was chosen over T.J. Yates to stay through training camp.

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If Keenum demonstrates in the preseason that he has a good grasp of the offense and performs well in the games he will likely be the the back up to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Tom Savage probably won’t be the second string quarterback unless Keenum is terrible in the preseason. Savage doesn’t have a lot of football logged these past several years and the coaching staff could want him to develop throughout the course of the season.

Case Keenum still has some potential upside and he gained some valuable experience last year, even if they were all losing efforts.

Assuming Keenum wins the back up job, all it takes is one hit to Fitzpatrick’s head and Keenum could be taking some important snaps again this season.

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