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Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders

HOuston Texans

A 2-0 Start Is Within Grasp For The Texans

In facing a not very good Oakland Raiders team, the Texans are presented a very good opportunity to start the season 2-0. The Raiders are led by Rookie quarterback Derek Carr who averaged just 4.7 yards per pass attempt last week against the Jets and had a running game that was only able to rush for 25 yards on the day.

For this game the Raiders will be playing at home but the formula for the Texans to win should be relatively simple. Against this Raiders team, the Texans should be able to come away with a victory if they can get pressure on Derek Carr the way they did against the Redskins and if the Texans offense doesn’t commit multiple turnovers. Continue reading

Bill O’Brien’s Game Plan Mentality

Houston Texans, Bill O'Brien

¬†Will Bill O’Brien Highlight Certain Players On Offense Each Week

When we were first introduced to Bill O’Brien, he emphasized that his offense is going to be a gameplan oriented offense that changes from week to week and one that is adaptable.

Bill O’Brien has worked under a long list of head coaches and said he’s taken something that he thought was effective from each one. Bill Belichick is the biggest name on that list and is the first head coach that people to relate to Bill O’Brien because his coaching strategies at the NFL level are still somewhat of an unknown. Continue reading

Whitney Mercilus Back In As Starter

Whitney Mercilus, Houston texans

Can Whitney Mercilus Fill In Adequately While Jadeveon Clowney Recovers From Knee Surgery

The Texans defense took a hit when Jadeveon Clowney tore his meniscus in his right knee last week against the Redskins, but with former first round draft pick Whitney Mercilus behind him on the depth chart it may not me as huge as a hit that it would be in other situations. Continue reading

Texans over Redskins Reflection

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The Texans Pass Rush Comes Alive In Season Opener, Texans Win 17-6

The Texans were able to start off the 2014 season on a good note with a hard fought win, ending what was a 14 game losing streak. It wasn’t a tightly executed game all the way around, but the Texans were able to make plays on defense and get a few things to bounce their way. There were some good things to come away with, especially on defense but there is plenty for the Texans to improve on. Continue reading

Season Opener Houston Texans vs Washington Redskins


Houston Texans, Clowney, Watt

Things To Anticipate In Texans vs. Redskins

The 2014 NFL season is finally underway and the Texans have the opportunity start the year off with some serious momentum if they can come away with a victory over the Redskins under the new lead of Bill O’Brien.

There is a lot of anticipation to finally see O’Brien’s final product and watch the entire team play a whole game. In the preseason starters received limited snaps and offensively we only saw the team run a fraction of the playbook. Continue reading