No Tony Romo For The Houston Texans

No Romo, Texans Offseason Thus Far

The Tony Romo saga this offseason obviously resulted in huge disappointment. My initial reaction to Romo’s decision to walk away from the game is to bash him. For a second I thought about the fact that perhaps he is retiring because he 37 years old and wants to protect himself from possible further serious injury. But in reality if Dak Prescott hadn’t taken his spot, Romo would be preparing to be the starting quarterback for the Cowboys this year.

I find it weak that Romo doesn’t want to prove that he can lead another team to the playoffs, he has never lead a deep playoff run. The Texans are a great fit all things considered, the main issue is the huge question mark at quarterback.

The Texans play inside a closed stadium, and play in a manageable division. The Texans have a some weapons on offense, and a legitimate defense. The Texans defense punched the eventually Super Champions in the mouth only a couple months ago.

Tony Romo was so disheartened by how he lost the Cowboys that he is not even going give another situation a shot. I’m a little dumbfounded by it, but Tony Romo is ready to move on from football.

Tom Savage now looks to be the starter this season, assuming he beats out whoever the Texans draft, that no veteran quarterback in signed.

I think it was a mistake not finding a way to re-sign A.J. Bouye, and it could come back to bite the Texans in a big way. Bouye had some length to him and a solid frame. His ability to cover various types of receivers is going to be missed. It’s a major hit to the cornerback depth on the team who will have to rely heavily on a 33 year old Jonathan Joseph, Kevin Johnson who is returning from injury, and Kareem Jackson who had a decent year.

Robert Nelson showed potential and can provide some depth but needs to prove he can be reliable in his assignments.  He made some big plays but also game some big plays up. Presumably the Texans will draft a cornerback this month, and take a look at the undrafted players.

Kevin Johnson has been the most talented cornerback on the roster since he was drafted, but he has had foot fractures in consecutive seasons. Jonathan Joseph is still a good player and brings it every game, but he is seemingly getting dinged up every game and being forced out for a few plays before eventually returning to the game.

The Texans are confident in their scouting of defensive backs, and their short history of having unproven players be serviceable. A.J. Bouye’s length and ability is going to be missed, hopefully the decision to let him walk it doesn’t come back to haunt the Texans.

With J.J. Watt returning in 2017 the Texans are banking on having a scary pass rush. Assuming Clowney can remain healthy it should be spectacular to witness, not to mention Whitney Mercilus coming off the edge.

Assuming health, the Texans front seven should be something special. I’m very excited to see the progression of the defensive lineman Reader, Covington, Heath, and Kamalu because there were making some big plays this past season. These guys are not being talked about much because all the other stuff going on but this entire line, and pass rush have the potential to do some historic type things this year.

I’m okay with Texans losing outside linebacker John Simon to the Indianapolis Colts because though he was a good player, his role can be more easily replaced. The Texans may already have his replacement in Brennan Scarlett who was an undrafted rookie last year out of Stanford and showed promise in spot duty. I’m also looking forward to seeing Scarlett’s progress this season.

Quentin Demps signed a multi-year deal with the Bears which I was also fine with, Demps doesn’t move the needle for me. I don’t think he is all that much better than the average safety in the NFL. Sure his had some bright moments, made some plays but overall I want a little more out of the safety position.

Demps had six interceptions this past season and to his credit he got himself in the right spot to make the plays, however a lot of his interceptions were the result of tipped passes, or factors not really attributed to him. He wasn’t a ball hawk or a real playmaker, he is a replaceable player.

The Texans re-signed tight end Ryan Griffin to a 3-year deal, he caught 50 passes for 442 yards and 2 TDs last season. I’ve been on Ryan Griffin’s bandwagon since the Texans drafted him in 2013, but I thought he would have elevated his game a few more notches higher than where he is at but bringing him back was the right move to make. We’ll see if he can build on his 2016 career highs in yards and receptions.

The Texans also re-signed Shane Lechler and Nick Novak which was expected but the Texans should definitely be scouting to find somebody younger and with a bigger leg.

It was rough year for some kickers last year, moving the extra point back has definitely added more pressure to the job. Novak was good percentage wise, overall he was 40/46 on FGs and 26/29 on PATs. However, his longest field goal was 53 yards and only had three field goals over 50. It is definitely more important to have somebody reliable, but it has been a long time since the Texans have had a reliable kicker who also has a big leg.

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