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Rockets Adding Chris Bosh A Necessity


Chris Bosh could fill big need at the power forward spot for the Rockets.

If the Rockets want to be a legitimate contender they must add Chris Bosh, retain Chandler Parsons

It is clear that right now the Rockets are not as good of a team compared to last year. Roster depth took a hit when Asik was traded away and if the Rockets sign a free agent to a big contract Jeremy Lin will also need to be dealt.

In the Western Conference, the Clippers added Spencer Hawes, Mavericks added Tyson Chander, and the Spurs resigned Forward Boris Diaw. The West is only improving and in order for the Rockets to realistically compete for a championship they must be able to land Chris Bosh.

These past two seasons point guard and power forward have been the positions of least strength in the starting lineup. Bosh would bolster that the power forward spot, and would allow Terrance Jones to come off the bench. The West is loaded with skilled power forwards and Bosh would improve the team from both offensive and defensive standpoints.

The Rockets’ bigs struggled against Clippers’ and OKC bigs, and Portland beat the Rockets when it mattered most.  Chris Bosh would be a perfect fit at power forward next to Dwight Howard, and help solidify that front court.

If the Rockets fail to land Bosh, they will have to rely on Terrance Jones’ continued growth, as well as some kind of contribution from Donatas Motiejūnas who was never able to establish himself in the rotation.

Is Chandler Parsons worth the max deal

Things can get complicated for the Rockets if a team offers Chandler Parsons a max contract. According multiple reports, the Charlotte Hornets are offering Utah’s Gordon Hayward a  four-year, $63 million max contract, with Utah having the right to match. There are teams rumored to be considering doing the same for Chandler Parsons, the Dallas Mavericks being the leader of that group.

Chandler Parsons will be heading into his 4th season and may only have a few slight improvements left in his growth as a player. Parsons is a very good NBA player and has gotten a lot of love nationally especially because Parsons has had a knack for putting up big performances on nationally televised games.

Parsons is a versatile player and one of the leaders on the team, but the problem is that  because he is very close to his ceiling as a player and is probably not going to make another significant jump, he may be a cut below earning a max contract.

Chris Bosh is the Rockets’ number one target, and as of now he is the only player the Rockets have a real chance at signing, who at the same time is a player worthy of a max deal.

Ideally before the Rockets match an offer sheet or agree on a contract with Chandler Parsons, they want to have Chris Bosh signed. Signing Bosh or any other big free agent first allows the Rockets to go over the cap in signing Parsons because they would be resigning their own player.

Chris Bosh coming to Houston depends solely on whether LeBron James stays in MIami or leaves. Pat Riley also has to get the money line up right between LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. Chris Bosh has said he is willing to take less money than what he is worth, but a significant amount less could have him coming to Houston.

LeBron wants a maximum contract deal, and with Dwayne Wade opting out of his deal that would have paid him over $40 million these next 2 years, he will likely be receiving another deal that is paying him less but still more than he would be paid elsewhere.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Bosh wants to stay in Miami playing with LeBron, but his camp has had conversations with the Rockets over the last few days. Along with the seemingly natural fit, Bosh finds the max deal the Rockets are offering enticing.

Daryl Morey and Kevin McHale started off free agency by meeting with Kyle Lowry in Philadelphia. The Rockets were a player in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes and “laid out the red carpet” for him but reports say he will choose either NY, Chicago, or LA.

Last week ESPN reported that the Rockets were among the four teams that LeBron James’ agent spoke with, leaving some to hang on to the slightest possibility of LeBron coming to Houston, but the favorites now seem to be Miami, or somehow Cleveland.

Why aren’t the Rockets getting more attention as a destination in free agency

I find it a bit baffling that the Rockets aren’t a bigger attraction to any of these top free agents. The addition of any one of the big name players to the Rockets (assuming Parsons is resigned) would easily make their starting 5 the best in the league.

The question is why isn’t there more noise about the possibilities LeBron, Carmelo, or Bosh coming to Houston. LeBron and and Carmelo are virtually ruled out as options for the Rockets, with LeBron even considering making a return to Cleveland.

It is true that the Rockets play in the toughest conference in the NBA, so that would make the road to the finals much tougher than it would be in the East. But with the lineup the Rockets would have it almost wouldn’t matter how much tougher the competition would be. Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA, and James Harden, who has experience playing with multiple superstars, is the league’s best shooting guard.

Carmelo claims that winning is a priority, but neither the Knicks or Lakers will likely have the ability to compete for a championship in the near future. Chicago is probably the best fit for Carmelo, and along with the Rockets give him the best opportunity to win. It is obvious that the high profile cities of New York and L.A. weigh heavy in his mind.

Chris Bosh wants to stay in Miami with LeBron, that much is evident. You can’t blame Bosh for wanting  stay in a city like Miami with the best player in the league.

I found it a bit surprising that LeBron is said to be seeking maximum money on his next deal. LeBron took less money to go to Miami four years ago with the idea of winning championships. LeBron is one of the most famous athletes in the world and makes loads of money off giant endorsement deals every year.

LeBron James is going to make money one way or another, and everybody knows that LeBron is the best player in the world whether his contract reflects it or not. At this point in his career championship rings are the only thing that matter, that his how he will be judged when his career is done. The Rockets would a super team if he chose to come to Houston, and would almost undoubtedly win multiple titles.

LeBron James desiring the max deal doesn’t make much sense in terms of trying to win more championships. Even if LeBron doesn’t want to come to a team like the Rockets, who are in “win now” mode, asking for max money restricts the quality of talent that he can be surrounded with in Miami. LeBron James has never been the highest paid player on his team, but if there ever were a player worth the money, its LeBron.