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Brian Cushing’s anticipated return in 2014

Brian Cushing, Houston Texans


A Healthy Brian Cushing Will Go A Long Way In Helping The Houston Texans Make A Drastic Turnaround In 2014

The Texans and Cushing have yet to set a date for his return to the field during training camp, but Cushing himself on multiple occasions has said that he has no worries about being ready for week 1 against the Redskins. Being ready for the first game of the season has been the main focus for Cushing throughout this entire process.

Cushing was cleared and declared himself 100% many weeks ago, but because of his importance to the team we have wanted the assurance of Cushing being fully healthy by seeing him participate in the off-season activities with the team.

(May need to view video on a desktop)

When Cushing had his ACL torn in 2012 in the first week of October he didn’t begin to start running until about the middle of the following Spring. The ACL tear was more significant than the broken fibula and torn LCL that he suffered in Mid-October this past year, and he was able to start running again towards the end of winter.

Luckily Cushing avoided suffering another ACL tear because it would have been extremely hard for him to have been able to comeback and return the same player after suffering that injury in consecutive seasons.

Last year Cushing participated in training camp from the start, but this year even though he was able to begin doing things much sooner he is starting off training camp on the PUP (Physically Unable To Perform) list, but can come off of it any anytime.

The Texans apparently want to be extremely cautious bringing back Cushing this time around and slowly acclimate him into football activity. Ultimately it may be the best way to go, he is likely to be able to go full speed sooner and be more confident when he finally gets on the field because of all the extra time he has gotten to work on strengthening his legs compared to last year.

At the Bill O’Brien’s introduction as the new head coach back in February, Cushing was extremely confident in his rehab and where he was in his recovery. He compared the 2012 and 2013 processes as “night and day” and even felt as though he would be a full go for OTAs.

Since Bill O’Brien’s arrival to the Texans there hasn’t been as much light shed on the injuries of players. But because of how confident Cushing was early on and how confident he is on being ready week 1, I am assuming that the fact that Cushing hasn’t been on the field yet is purely precautionary. Continue reading

Playoffs possible for Houston Texans

Houston Texans, Bill O'Brien,

Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien.

Is taking the AFC South, or even a wildcard playoff berth, out of the picture for the 2014 Texans?

The word accountability has been a popular term used in analyzing the Houston Texans these past two years. Many have said that the Texans have lacked it, Bob McNair, front office, coaches, and players, from top to bottom as an organization. The consensus opinion is that the Texans in this upcoming season will struggle and will not be a very good team. Most believe that the Texans will win about 5, 6, or if things break their way possibly 7 games, which would be a big improvement record wise over the 2 wins from the disastrous 2013 team.

Fans demand accountability but if they truly want to hold the Texans accountable they should not be satisfied with such a low bar. I don’t believe the city of Houston should expect to win the AFC South division, the uncertainty of the Texans’ quarterback position and a new coaching regime makes it difficult to realistically expect that. However, the possibility of those things happening in 2014 shouldn’t be pushed aside like as if they are completely unattainable.

The Texans won 10 games in 2011, 12 in 2012, and fell all the way down to only 2 wins last year. As the 2013 season was ending questions were raised about how much talent was there really on the Texans’ roster. Some speculate that the Texans were actually never all that good to begin with and simply overachieved in 2011, 2012. But that can hardly be the case because you can’t luck yourself into 10 plus wins in the NFL two straight years without having the talent on the team.

The Texans proved that they were a good team for 2 years, last season involved a perfect storm of things going wrong, and it all finally fell apart starting with the demise of Matt Schaub. Gary Kubiak is a decent NFL coach, but he took the Texans as far as he could ever get them. His time here had finally run its course, and when that is the case for not only your coach but your quarterback as well, things are likely to result in a horrific year like the one we witnessed. Signs of this started to show towards the end of the 2012 season. Continue reading

Houston Texans aren’t “set on Jadeveon Clowney”

Houston Texans Mack

Khalil Mack

Highly respected national sports writer Peter King came out with his weekly column in his MMQB website and dropped some news concerning the Texans that are worth taking note of.


The time period between the combine and the actual NFL Draft is a stretch that can become tiring with all the rumors, false reports, and speculation that is put out to the public. It is as though anybody with with a decent following can write an article or do an interview, tag the words “according to league sources” to it and it will create a buzz.

When it comes down to it there are a select few football reporters or insiders, that are actually well connected and have real league sources. These are the people that the public should take news from as legitimate information, and Peter King is one of those people.

He was actually the one who broke the news of Gary Kubiak being fired the morning after the loss in Jacksonville.

He received his information on the Texans for this week’s MMQB from a “Friend Of Rick Smith”, and in a quote from his column Peter King says :

“Houston, at No. 1, isn’t set on Jadeveon Clowney. “

King goes on to say that Rick Smith likes Khalil Mack over Jadeveon Clowney, but admitted not knowing which QB the Texans would go with if they were to pick a quarterback with the #1 selection. (This was information from his source.)

Peter King then gave an opinion in saying that he thinks the Texans will go with a “more for sure thing” with the the #1 pick over choosing a quarterback with it. Continue reading

Khalil Mack a better fit than Clowney

Khalil  Mack

Khalil Mack

There have been a few waves made in the discussion of who would be a better fit for the Houston Texans with the 1st overall pick Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack.

Clowney by most accounts is the best player in this draft because he is physical freak with a rare combination of speed and size, having a high potential to be a great player.

When you look at all sides, it is obvious that the versatility that K. Mack provides by being able to rush the passer and skills in coverage would better fit for what Romeo Crennel would want in an outside linebacker.

Now should K. Mack be selected with the first overall pick? I’m in favor of drafting Mack but not with the 1st overall pick, and it is not something that I think the Texans would do.

In the recent weeks I’ve become more open to drafting Clowney partly because of the sheer fact that so many respected NFL, football people believe he is the best player in this draft.

The second part of why I’m more open to the idea, was the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick because if Clowney were to be drafted the, QB drafted in later rounds wouldn’t be absolutely needed to start right away if O’Brien doesn’t deem him ready.

However, early in the draft process when I was dismissing the idea of drafting Clowney, I had problems with the questions about his motivation and the fact that he basically tanked this past season most likely to protect him from injury. Continue reading

Florio questions Texans aggressiveness

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio joined Sport Radio 610’s ‘In The Loop’ as he does every Friday morning and weighed in on the Houston Texans situation.

Florio is known to have some questionable opinions at times, especially when it comes to the Texans. I’m all for fair, logical analysis but he does have a way of saying things that can be very inflammatory to a fan base.

This is the same guy that each of the last three years has predicted the Texans would not win the AFC South Divison.

Before the 2013 season he even used the rationale that if he keeps predicting it, that it will eventually happen. Which funny enough did happen in the Texan’s disastrous 2013 season.

Mike Florio hasn’t said anything outrageous as of late, but I disagree with his opinion that the Texans needed to be more aggressive going after players in Free Agency. Continue reading