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Reflection Of Texans Preseason Victory Over Falcons

Houston Texans

Texans Bounce Back In A Big Way

A week after looking like a carbon copy of the 2013 team in the first preseason game in Arizona, the Texans did a complete 180 in their blowout win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Everything seemed to be working for the Texans. The offense, defense, and special teams all made plays in the dominant performance. Similar to how I thought we shouldn’t have overreacted to the disappointing performance in Arizona, we should temper some aspects of the victory. Quarterback is the biggest question mark on the team, and starter Ryan Fitzpatrick has a long track record of being inconsistent.

We saw Fitzpatrick at his worst last week, and close to his best in Saturday night’s win. If he can have positive play on a consistent basis and facilitate the ball around, the Texans should be able to get some things done this season.

There were some questions being raised about Bill O’Brien’s qualities and tactics as a coach this past week in reaction to the Cardinals game. But those questions now stand answered as the team responded by completely outplaying the Falcons.

A Lot Of Positives In Preseason Game 2 For The Texans

Ryan Fitzpatrick Bounces Back

The offense got off to a shaky start by not being able to make anything out of two straight runs plays and a quick screen pass to DeAndre Hopkins. In the second series the switch went on as Fitzpatrick was able to put together some completions and run for a big first down on 3rd down, then rode Alfred Blue to a touchdown once they were in the redzone. Fitzpatrick accomplished the same when he was put back into the game at the end of the 2nd quarter except he found Devier Posey in the endzone for an 8 yard touchdown.

It was encouraging to see Fitzpatrick lead two of three drives for touchdowns after barely completing any first downs in the first game. Fitzpatrick’s ability to run and run with some pretty good speed is going to be a luxury that the Texans have not had in a long while and it will be something that the defense will also have to account for. Fitzpatrick still has not played a game with Arian Foster or Andre Johnson, so that is another positive outlook on hoping that there can be an extra level of improvement for Fitzpatrick and the offense.

Jadeveon Clowney Continues To Show Why He Was Considered By Far The Best Prospect In The Draft

Jadeveon Clowney had another great showing in limited time as he only played two series, but this time he didn’t have J.J. Watt on the line with him. Clowney’s explosion off the edge and the speed that he possesses allows him to beat easily offensive lineman and completely blow up plays. Continue reading

Corrections That Ryan Fitzpatrick Must Make

Ryan Fitzpatrick Houston Texans

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Inconsistencies With Accuracy In First Game As A Texan

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a rough night last Saturday, it was a disappointing performance but many of the issues he had are simple enough to correct going into the game against the Falcons.

There are going to be growing pains early on with Fitzpatrick. In the first preseason game vs. the Cardinals, he had some problems with accuracy, made a few bad reads, and had somewhat bad luck on his interceptions.

I don’t expect that things will be as bad as they were last week but it may take a few games for the offense as a whole to look in sync. The offense should improve with more game action.

Lets take a look at some of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s missed opportunities from the first preseason game

Houston Texans, Ryan Fitzpatrick

On the first pass play of the game, it appears that Fitzpatrick made the correct read by choosing to throw to Garrett Graham. Devier Posey and DeAndre Hopkins were covered fairly well and it would have taken a perfectly placed ball to get a completion throwing to them. Nothing positive was going to come out of going to Mike Thomas without the combination on a great pass and throw. Graham ran a short curl route and would have gained the first down. Fitzpatrick inaccurately threw the ball high and to the left, out of reach of Graham’s fully extended arms. The only other play to be made was to look off Graham and quickly dump the ball to Grimes who likely is able to also get the first down. Continue reading

Texans’ Voluntary Mini-Camp Day 2

Houston, Texans, Bill O'Brien, Voluntary, Veteran, Mini-camp, Andre Johnson

Bill O’Brien, Houston Texans’ Voluntary Veteran Mini-Camp Day 2. Credit: HoustonTexans.com

Not much new in Day 2 of the 3-Day Voluntary Mini-Camp but there were a few tidbits from the Texans and Bill O’Brien.

  • Receivers behind Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins

A couple weeks back Bill O’Brien had said that he didn’t really feel that there was slot receiver on the Texans’ roster and that the position would have to be addressed in the draft. When O’Brien had said this I was surprised and a little confused because the Texans have a bevy of receivers, including Devier Posey who is 16 months removed from an achilles tear, but had a tremendous recovery and should be close to his old self by now. Posey showed a lot of flashes at the end of 2012 and a few in 2013, and is a former 5th pick of the 3rd round in the 2012 draft. Also Keyshawn Martin who was a late 4th round pick in 2012 is on the roster, and Kubiak had high hopes for him as a slot receiver.

Not to also mention that Kubiak placed three receivers Alec Lemon, Andy Cruse, and Alan Bonner on Injured Reserve last year. Out of those 3 guys that went on Injured Reserve Alec Lemon impressed the most during preseason, Andy Cruse had a few good plays, and Alan Bonner wasn’t able to get on the field due to a hamstring injury during Texans’ training camp.

So with all that said I was scratching my head about the fact that O’Brien didn’t feel good about the Slot receiver position on the roster. Today post practice Coach O’Brien was asked about the Slot receiver position and how he felt Mike Thomas could fill that role (Mike Thomas was signed shortly after season). O’Brien acknowledged what he had previously said and today said after seeing the players on the field these past two days that there are a few guys that have the skills to fill both the slot/outside receiver role.

Personally I like DeVier Posey a lot, and feel that he would best fit the 3rd receiver spot. Posey probably has the best combination of size and speed on the Texans’ behind Andre, and based off the little action we have seen from Posey, things just seem to happen when he gets the football in his hands. I’m really excited to see what O’Brien does offensively with all the options at wide receiver and I think that O’Brien will see all the talent and will find a way to utilize it. I just feel that the passing attack has a chance to be very explosive.

  • Texans will use analytics under O’Brien

It was brought up to O’Brien that the Astros and Rockets rely on heavily on the use of analytics, and was asked about his view towards the use of analytics. I really liked that O’Brien said that a bit of it will be used in the draft process and will surely be used in season when game planning for opponents. He is really open to any information that will give an edge on game planning or any additional knowledge, and thinks it is important to have as much knowledge as you can.

  • Linebackers Coach Mike Vrabel

In the two days of the voluntary mini-camp there has been a lot of praise over linebackers coach Mike Vrabel. He is well respected by the coaches, including O’Brien, and all the Texans’ players that are asked about Vrabel speak very highly of him. He is said to be very smart, a great teacher, and cares about whether the linebackers understand what they are supposed to be doing on the field. Brooks Reed today on Vrabel said, “He’s probably the perfect guy to be our position coach”. Mike Vrabel played 14 years in the NFL, 8 of those with the Patriots and was a part of the 3 Super Bowls with the Patriots.

Ted Johnson who has been doing radio on Sports Radio 610 in Houston for the last two years, spent 10 years with Patriots, was captain of the defense and was also a part of the 3 Super bowls. Ted Johnson on a number of occasions, even before Mike Vrabel was signed to the Texans had said that in his time in the NFL, Vrabel was the smartest teammate football-wise he ever had. Hopefully Vrabel’s knowledge does indeed translate to the linebackers on the Texans rosters, as they need to start seeing a returning on Brooks Reed and Whitney Mercilus.

  • Coach O’Brien’s iPod playlist at practice

There were giggles shared surrounding the music that was being played at practice because O’Brien admitted it was his iPod playing the music. The music selection was said to have ranged from 80’s music, country, pop, and even some rap. O’Brien said he likes a wide variety of music but made sure it was relatively clean. Also said that the music being played and played loudly served a purpose so that the players can be forced to communicate loudly during practice. O’Brien was asked where he got the idea to play music during practice, and said that didn’t know but it was done in New England so he cited that he probably got it from Bill Belichick.

  • Garrett Graham not going to watch draft either

I find it odd that some players say that they aren’t going to watch the draft. With the Texans holding the number 1 pick, there is a lot of importance surrounding that pick and will have a large impact on the team. Graham said he does not know what he will be doing during the draft and said he will probably be grocery shopping, but also said he would check his twitter feed to see who the Texans get.