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Why Hasten Jadeveon Clowney’s Return For 2015


Jadeveon Clowney, Houston Texans

Jadeveon Clowney.  (Credit: USA Today Sports)

The Texans Should Ease Jadeveon Clowney Into The 2015 Season

A few weeks ago at the AFC Coaches breakfast in Phoenix, Bill O’Brien informed the media there wasn’t a timetable for Clowney’s return but is hoping to have him back on the field at some point during training camp.

When this news came out I was really surprised that O’Brien gave any kind of information other than a standard answer about Clowney working hard and improving. NFL coaches are usually reluctant to give too much information about player injuries and especially about return dates because of the possibility of players not being ready in time.

O’Brien on numerous occasions last season made it a point to say that the organization is very high on Clowney, and that he is a hard worker. O’Brien is having Clowney’s back by doing this likely because the Texans are aware of a ridiculous narrative about Clowney being lazy or not caring about football.

You know that O’Brien is clearly supporting Clowney after hearing OB torch Louis Nix multiple times already.

This is only adds to why I continue to be confused with how the Texans are handling Clowney’s knee injuries. I don’t understand why O’Brien and the Texans are deciding to add a little bit of pressure on Clowney to make his return a month or so earlier than expected. Continue reading

New Hard Knocks To Feature Some Texans Action

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans Get Their Closes Taste Of Being On HBO’s Hard Knocks That They Will Ever Have

The third episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp” series centered around the Atlanta Falcons will be running tonight at 9:00 central time, and we should see a decent amount of camera time for some Texans players.

The Atlanta Falcons spent the better part of four days in Houston practicing with the Texans in preparation for their preseason week 2 match-up.

A few years ago the Texans were among 5 or so candidates to be featured for the series but eventually declined, much to the disappointment of many Texans fans who wanted to get an inside look at the team and some national notoriety. Tonight’s episode of Hard Knocks will probably be the closest that Texans fans will ever get to having the Texans as a part of the series, unless if in the future the NFL mandates that a new team has to appear on the show every year.

Last week Bill O’Brien was asked if he would ever be open to Hard Knocks, he replied smiling “I’m always open to anything that helps our team get better.”

It will be curious to see what the storylines will be when it comes to the practices, and especially the game since the Falcons were outplayed by the Texans in every phase. There will likely be a lot of frustrated Falcons players and coaches with not very much going right for them Saturday night.

Jadeveon Clowney should obviously get a little bit of time for being the number one overall draft pick, and for his monstrous hit on Antone Smith and sack on Matt Ryan. J.J. Watt should get some time during the practices since is one of the leagues best players and because he often makes offensive lineman lineman very bad in. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Texans players are portrayed in the minimal time that they will receive.

Roddy White is a player that Hard Knocks has mic’d up during practice in the two episodes and has showed him having fun talking trash with teammates on defense. I will be looking to see if it will show him being well defended during the first day of practice when a few Texans, mostly A.J. Bouye broke up multiple passes thrown to White.

During the game Kendrick Lewis was jawing with Roddy White after he broke up a pass intended for him. Also during the game it was noticeable that D.J. Swearinger seemed to have gotten under the skin of Roddy White.

HBO does a great job making the Hard Knocks series entertaining every year, tonight’s episode should be even more enjoyable for Texans fans.


(Photo Credit: Troy Taormina, USA TODAY Sports)

Texans Training Camp Notables

Houston Texans Training Camp

 Noteworthy Storylines In Texans Training Camp

1. By all accounts Jadeveon Clowney looks to be every bit of the player the Texans were hoping to get with the #1 overall pick. He has been blowing people off of the line and getting to the ball carrier as soon as they are handed the ball. He was even able to block a punt, so it appears that the duo of Clowney and Watt on the same line will wreak a lot of havoc.

Sports hernia surgery and now a minor tweak have caused him to misses practices which have set him back a little bit, but Clowney has been able to overcome the missed time because of his freakish athletic ability.
2. Many assumed Brooks Reed to move to inside linebacker but it might now be clear that he will be staying at outside linebacker. He has been taking all of his reps from the outside in training camp opposite of Clowney during Texans training camp. Reed’s versatility has been praised among coaches the past few weeks and Rick Smith recently said that he holds the most value on the outside. It will be interesting to see if Reed does end up starting over Whitney Mercilus.

Mercilus is a former first round pick and is a more athletic and explosive player than Reed. The two players have been disappointing the past few years, but Mercilus has also been more successful at getting after the quarterback. There have been positive reports on Reed’s coverage ability in camp so that could be big factor in why he has been ahead of Mercilus. Continue reading

Texans Training Camp Offensive Battles

Houston Texans Training camp


Three Days Into Texans Training Camp O’Brien Admits There Is Still A Long Way To Go

Reports are that this has been a drastically different training camp than the Texans have had in a long while. The music is playing extremely loud, there is a fast tempo, and Bill O’Brien has a hands-on approach in the practices. There was a distinction made about how when Gary Kubiak was the head coach he would primarily stay in a single spot throughout practice and supervise the team for the most part. O’Brien however is very active, dealing with multiple positions, and even stopping the practice and the music to chew out players when necessary.

Here are a few of my thoughts on what has what has come out of camp.

Quaterbacks: Through three days the word is that Fitzpatrick has a firm hold of the quarterback position. Fitzpatrick and Keenum are getting the majority of the snaps during practice, and it seems that Tom Savage will be a project quarterback who is going to be given the opportunity to sit and learn what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. Savage has not been impressing in practice, and doesn’t appear to be a threat to supplant Keenum. Continue reading

Andre Johnson Reports For Camp

Andre Johnson, Houston Texans


Star Wide Receiver Andre Johnson Reports For The First Day Of Training Camp

It was reported earlier yesterday morning by NFL insider Ian Rapoport that when Andre Johnson was spotted at NRG stadium a few days ago he was taking his physical, which he passed. Rapoport who himself had said that Andre Johnson’s presence at Texans facilities didn’t mean anything in terms of him being closer to joining the team

Andre Johnson never really had any leverage in this situation because of the years left on his contract and his high salary. He lost a $1 million bonus for not attending the acquired amount of off-season workouts. Andre was fined for the mandatory mini-camp practices that he missed and would have been fined $30K for each day of Training Camp missed.

It isn’t for sure if Andre accomplished anything in his absences, and it doesn’t seem as though we will learn any of the specifics. When Andre spoke to the media earlier today he said he is going to keep the dialogue with upper management between them and him. Continue reading